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Paolo Fornai was born on 4/3/1998 in Rome and died on 16/9/2017 in Milan at the age of nineteen; son of Letizia and Sergio, Pietro's elder brother, he lived with his family in Tuscania, in the province of Viterbo.







He was a young student engaged in AGESCI scouting, active in parish life and in other associations of Catholic and civil religious volunteers, including UNITALSI and SOLIDALIA ONLUS.





Protagonist of student life as a representative of the students of the Scientific High School of Tuscania in the school year 2015/2016, as well as the local social one as keyboardist of the parish choir "Eikon", of the youth bands "The Background" and "The Five Good Reasons" and amateur theater actor.





He died at the age of nineteen of stomach cancer after a year of treatment, surgery and pain in different parts of the body where the disease had spread.






In 2017, still alive, Paolo received a letter of commendation from the Italian Minister of Public Education Valeria Fedeli for "the example he gave to teachers and students from all over Italy for their scholastic commitment throughout the period of his serious illness ".






The Scientific High School of Tuscania dedicated the school library of the plexus located in the historic center of the town to Paolo in 2020.





The AGESCI "Tuscania 1" clan scout named the local office after Paolo Fornai starting from 2017; Paolo's name is reported, together with that of other deceased scouts, in the “Natural funeral monument” of MASCI at the “Scout base of Cerro” in Tuscania.





The Theater Company of the Oratorio S. Luigi di Tuscania was dedicated to Paolo as well as the theatrical performances that this has staged starting from the year 2018: "Karol the Great", a musical on St. John Paul II to which the same Paolo collaborated by inspiring the musical motif of the last song; “Santo Pio”, musical about the Capuchin Friar of Pietrelcina.






Paolo's life was the starting point for a testimony from his parents reported in the book "A Little Guide to Daily Joy" written by Sister Cristina Scuccia and Gregory Turpin, published by Mondadori in 2019.




Paolo Fornai's tomb is located in the Tuscania cemetery.

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